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The YOUTHORAXPORT® DISPOSABLE THORACIC TROCAR was developed to be used in thoracic endoscopic procedures when insufflation is not necessary and in order to be a portal for the insertion of instruments and protection against foreign materials that may penetrate the thoracic cavity.

Thoracic Trocar

Indicated for use in the thoracic cavity

Available in 4 diameters


Blunt tip obturator

Threaded cannula

Silicone cover

Latex free

Disposable Thoracic Trocar 6 mm YTP-06x781484769003
Disposable Thoracic Trocar 11 mmYTP-11x781484769003
Disposable Thoracic Trocar 13 mmYTP-13x781484769003
Disposable Thoracic Trocar 15 mmYTP-15x781484769003